Text Messaging FAQ

How long can my text be?
Text messages are limited to 160 characters including spaces and the official opt-in instructions.

Is there a setup fee?
Yes, there is a one-time non-refundable setup fee of $99. This covers our cost of provisioning your phone number and account.

What is a Keyword?
A keyword is a specific word that a prospect or customer can text to your number to be added to your list. You can create multiple keywords to track advertising or to create a separate group to send text messages.

How much are extra Keywords?
There is no cost for extra keywords. Your account includes unlimited keywords since you are the only person using your telephone number.

How do the credits work?
1 Text = 1 Credit (e.g. If you send 100 outbound text messages, it will deduct 100 credits from your account.)

Are we charged when a customer texts a keyword to our phone number?
No, inbound text messages are free. Your account will include unlimited inbound text messages. However, when a customer texts a keyword to your number, the system will automatically and instantly send back a confirmation text letting the customer know they are subscribed to your list. This would be considered one outbound text message.

Do I have a shared short number?
No, you will have your own regular 10-digit telephone number.

What is the advantage of a long number?
Although it is longer than a short code, it is much easier for someone to understand how to send a text message to be added to your list. The other big advantage is you are not sharing your number with hundreds or thousands of other users. This means you can create any keyword without wondering if someone else already has that keyword. Your customers can also save your number in their phone and immediately recognize the text came from you. With shared short numbers, they could be receiving text messages from other businesses (your competitors) using the same number that you are using.

How do my subscribers opt-in?
They will text your chosen keyword to your dedicated number using their mobile phone. No different than using their smart phone to text a friend. The system will automatically add them to your Group List and send them a confirmation text back.

Do my subscribers get charged for text messages?
They do not get charged for anything from us. Although most people have an unlimited text and data plan today, it is mandatory to include the statement "Standard message and data rates may apply." What this means is if they are typically charged to receive a text message, it would count against their text plan they have through their wireless service provider.

Are my subscribers sold or do you text them promotions?
No, we do not have any contact with your database. We will not sell them or send them anything. That would be illegal as we do not have permission, which is required to send a text to a mobile phone. Your contacts are yours and you can export them and take them with you should you ever decide to cancel in the future.

Is there a contract involved?
No, Freelance Marketing Group's SMS platform is a pay-as-you-go service with no contracts. Pay only for credits you use, and if you decide to cancel, you won't be billed again. Please note, however, that the one-time setup fee is non-refundable.

Can I change my plan at any time?
Yes, you can upgrade your plan from the Dashboard inside your control panel. If you run out of text credits at any time, you can also place a one-time order for additional text credits and your text credits never expire as long as you are active