About Us

About Us

Yes, we provide a sms text marketing platform that is second to none, but we are a marketing company first, that utilizes the latest technology to help small and big business alike! We are a Midwest company located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Double-Win Philosophy

We’ve set up our business model with the “Double-Win” philosophy. If we help you win, we win too! Adopting and following this philosophy drives the right behavior and intentions to create a long-term, trusting partnership between us and our clients.

We work together with our clients in such a way, that they feel like they have a real business partner; someone who cares as much about their success and business as they do.

Our clients typically start out as clients, but are quickly turned into and commonly referred to as our friends.

Simple SMS Solution

Sign up for a free account. Pay the one-time activation fee. Choose your own telephone number. Pick your text package. Create the perfect Keyword and start building your list of mobile subscribers.

Contact us for more information by calling (205) 518-9582 or click on the Support email link above to send us an email.